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The Role of Trauma-Based Therapies for the Treatment of Eating Disorders: What Does Safe and Ethical Treatment Consist Of?

Recent allegations of a treatment center therapist implanting false memories during clinical hypnosis has many people asking, “When it comes to clinics and treatment centers dealing with trauma-based therapies, what is the standard of care?” The use of hypnosis in medical practice has long been controversial. Through hypnosis, the therapist helps patients learn to control their … Read More

Anorexia Ruling Could Impact Coverage

By EMILY P. WALKER MedPage Today Washington Correspondent Aug. 31, 2011 A U.S. appeals court has ruled that an anorexic woman’s insurance company must pay for her treatment at a residential facility because of a California law that requires insurers to provide the same coverage for mental illness as they do for physical illness. The … Read More

Topshop pulls model images in size zero row

Article re-posted from: Topshop has pulled images of a waif thin model from its online advertising following concerns that it could encourage eating disorders. The 18-year-old model Codie Young appeared on Topshop’s latest online lookbook modelling a range of fashions and accessories. A spokesperson from eating disorder charity Beat says: “We wouldn’t comment on … Read More