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McCallum Place Eating Disorder Treatment Programs

McCallum Place is a nationally acclaimed, comprehensive eating disorder treatment center for preadolescents, adolescents, adults, males and females. With locations in St. Louis, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas we are unique in that we offer on-site medical and psychiatric management and care combined with intensive individualized psychotherapy, making our center a center of excellence and great alternative to traditional hospital settings.

We integrate personalized nutritional support and best practices throughout our treatment. Our state-of-the-art eating disorder programs and setting are designed to create an environment of structure and support for restoration and healing. Learn More

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For families and loved ones of current clients the upcoming Family Weekend dates are:

  • Friday, July 20 and Saturday July 21
  • Friday, August 17 and Saturday, August 18
  • Friday, September 21 and Saturday, September 22
  • Friday, October 19 and Saturday, October 20
  • Friday, November 16 and Saturday, November 17

Please call us for more details.

Meet Dr. McCallum

Medical Director & founder of McCallum Place

Marks of Quality Care
  • Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDA)
  • Eating Disorder Coalition of Iowa
  • International Association Of Eating Disorders Professionals (IAEDP)
  • National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD)
  • National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA)
  • RenewED, Eating Disorders Support
  • Washington University in St. Louis

Come in with an open mind and remember your goals, the person you want to be. It’s a second chance at life!

– A Former Resident