Continuing Care Program for Adults

McCallum Place is the leading provider of support for adults age 18 and older whose lives have been disrupted by eating disorders. Our facilities in St. Louis, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas, offer robust continuing care servicesthat put individuals onthe pathtosustained long-term recovery from eating disorders and certain co-occurringmental health conditions.

Discharge Planning

Learn about individualized discharge plans at McCallum Place in St. Louis, MO, and Kansas City, KS

The time that you spend in residential care at McCallum Place is a crucial component of your healing process from the eating disorder you have been battling. But we understand that your time at one of our eating disorder recovery facilities in St. Louis, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas, is just one part of your journey to wellness.

The days, months, and even years that follow your time in residential care can influence your recovery progress. That’s why it is so important to have an individualized continuing care plan in place before you or your loved one leaves either one of our facilities.

Your discharge planning team will begin working with you on your continuing care plan on your very first day at McCallum Place. This team will consist of a discharge planner, your care team, and your family (if appropriate to your care).

You will meet weekly with your discharge planner for discharge planning sessions to discuss your needs after you leave our St. Louis, Missouri, or Kansas City, Kansas, facility. You will also have regular discussions with your care team to help you prepare to leave residential care, and you will participate in weekly relapse prevention groups.

Our goal is to ensure that you or your loved one is prepared to continue the successful work you did while at McCallum Place. You will leave our eating disorder recovery facilities with a discharge plan that is fully personalized to your unique needs, giving you or your loved one the tools you need for long-term health and well-being.

Step-Down Care

Discover the levels of step-down care available at McCallum Place in St. Louis, MO, and Kansas City, KS

One of the most important components of a continuing care plan is whether you or your loved one needs step-down care to continue the work you’ve accomplished at McCallum Place. Your discharge planning team will work with you or your loved one to determine whether to refer you to a local provider in the St. Louis, Missouri, or Kansas City, Kansas, area.

To ensure that you or your loved one experiences continued success in the days and months after your time at our facility, we also offer a full continuum of step-down care, including:

Partial hospitalization program (PHP) – This day program meets seven days a week for several hours a day. During that time, you or your loved one will experience an intensive level of care, including daily group therapy sessions and individual therapy sessions scheduled according to your level of need.

Intensive outpatient program (IOP) – Our intensive outpatient program meets five days a week and is a less intensive care experience than our partial hospitalization program. You will still participate in daily group therapy sessions and weekly individual therapy sessions.

Traditional outpatient services – If you need continued medical care and medication management services after you leave residential programming, our family medicine physicians and psychiatrists can help you manage those needs.

Our PHP and IOP both offer medical care under the supervision of family medicine physicians, clinical nurse specialists, and registered nurses (RNs) to ensure that your health is stable throughout your time in recovery for an eating disorder at McCallum Place. Both programs also provide medication management services for those whose individualized care plans include that service.

Alumni Program

Be a part of the alumni community at McCallum Place in St. Louis, MO, and Kansas City, KS

Building a strong community to support you in recovery can be a powerful part of your journey as you heal from the eating disorder that you have been battling. You will put in a tremendous amount of work while in residential care at McCallum Place, and that work does not end once your time at our facility in St. Louis, Missouri, or Kansas City, Kansas, is over.

Healing from an eating disorder is often a lifelong journey, and the more support you have on that journey, the more successful you will be. Many individuals who seek care at McCallum Place build connections with other residents that become beacons of hope and encouragement throughout their recovery process.

Our adult alumni programs allow you to maintain those relationships long after you have left residential care. These programs also give you the opportunity to build new relationships with people who have had similar experiences so that you can grow your support network.

We also offer alumni groups specifically for friends and family members of individuals who are struggling with eating disorders. These groups help loved ones get the support they need so that they can continue to be sources of positivity.

At McCallum Place, we believe in the power of hope, and that comes from uplifting each other in healing and wellness.

Couldn’t thank McCallum enough for the help they provided me. The staff really cares about your well-being and walked with me through the hardest time of my life. This place saved my life! And being apart of the Victory Program was a privilege because of the knowledge I gained in my sport. I might not have said it while in treatment, but I’m so blessed to have been able to heal here.

– Alumni
Marks of Quality Care
  • Eating Disorder Coalition of Iowa
  • International Association Of Eating Disorders Professionals (IAEDP)
  • National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD)
  • National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA)
  • RenewED, Eating Disorders Support
  • Residential Eating Disorders Consortium
  • Washington University in St. Louis