Anorexia Ruling Could Impact Coverage

By EMILY P. WALKER MedPage Today Washington Correspondent Aug. 31, 2011 A U.S. appeals court has ruled that an anorexic woman’s insurance company must pay for her treatment at a residential facility because of a California law that requires insurers to provide the same coverage for mental illness as they do for physical illness. The … Read More

Topshop pulls model images in size zero row

Article re-posted from: Topshop has pulled images of a waif thin model from its online advertising following concerns that it could encourage eating disorders. The 18-year-old model Codie Young appeared on Topshop’s latest online lookbook modelling a range of fashions and accessories. A spokesperson from eating disorder charity Beat says: “We wouldn’t comment on … Read More

“Eating Clean”: When Food Decisions Become Messy

Kelsey Horton, MS, RD, LD Dietitian If you happen to have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, you have probably heard of the term “clean eating”. Maybe more commonly #cleaneating. What does “clean” mean? It depends who you ask. Vegans and vegetarians will tell you that meat and animal products (respectively) are “unclean”. Our paleo … Read More

Yo NEDA Watchdogs, Yoplait Listened!

Yo Watchdogs, Yoplait Listened! As many of you are aware, Yoplait Yogurt has been running a television ad that was seriously problematic for those affected by eating disorders. NEDA’s CEO spoke by teleconference on two occasions to Eric Galler, Vice President of Marketing, and Jeff Hagen, Director of Consumer Services, for General Mills. We are … Read More

The HCG Diet Exposed?

The HCG Diet. You’ve heard of it by now, we’re sure, and so have we.  We ran across this article about the new fad HCG Diet and here’s what we like about this article: 1) The article openly speaks to this risk and reality: “You can’t meet your nutrient needs on 500 calories a day. It’s inducing … Read More