The HCG Diet Exposed?

The HCG Diet. You’ve heard of it by now, we’re sure, and so have we.  We ran across this article about the new fad HCG Diet and here’s what we like about this article:
1) The article openly speaks to this risk and reality: “You can’t meet your nutrient needs on 500 calories a day. It’s inducing a state of malnutrition,” says Nancy Krupin, a Registered Dietician for Kadlec Regional Medical Center, and a certified Diabetes Counselor.”
2) The article notes lack of research around the effectiveness of HCG.
3) The article also notes HCG has not been approved by the FDA for weight loss purposes.

Do you think these three points alone are worthy of reconsidering the HCG Diet?  What do you think it means about our culture that many people subject their body to that which will induce malnutrition and use a product not approved by the FDA?
We can’t help but think of our friend, Darryl Roberts, and his film America the Beautiful. In this documentary, he seeks to honestly expose our culture’s answers to these questions and more, generally coming to this conclusion: We are a culture obsessed with beauty and tend to use whatever means to achieve this standard of beauty, even if it is unhealthy or toxic.

Read the article yourself:HCG diets growing in popularity, but do theywork?