Dietitian Uses Experience and Expertise to Help Patients

Dietitian Lori Richardson, RD, LD, CSSD

Eating disorders are all about the food. Eating disorders have nothing to do with the food.

This paradox is one of the challenges faced by eating disorder dietitians and why McCallum Place and The Victory Program are fortunate to have Lori Richardson, RD, LD, a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD), as a part of our treatment team. Overcoming anxiety regarding food and developing new eating patterns are two critical, yet difficult, aspects of eating disorders that she addresses. Lori treats both adults and adolescents with eating disorders ,as well as, men and women. She sees patients in all levels of care including Residential, PHP and IOP facilitating the adolescent nutrition group and the weekly IOP meal outing.

As a dietitian Lori works with patients on fear foods, nutrition education and the incorporation of healthy meal plans. This often involves hands-on experiences like meal outings and coaching them through the challenging experiences. The hard work is worth it when she sees clients make a break-through. “Seeing patients make progress and recover is the best part of working at McCallum Place” said Lori. “I particularly appreciate it when I hear from former patients who tell me they have put into practice something they learned from me and are finding it helpful.”

As a former college athlete Lori brings a unique perspective to the treatment of our patients.  CEO, Dr. Kimberli McCallum, says she appreciates Lori’s sport experience and how “she is able to translate it clinically, helping patients build a positive body image and return to healthy activity.” This is valuable both with patients who struggle with anorexia, bulimia and binge eating ,as well as, patients in The Victory Program (an eating disorder program designed specifically for elite athletes). Both programs incorporate movement and exercise into the individualized treatment plans for patients. Lori’s role as a dietitian is to ensure the correct balance between nutritional intake and exercise, ensuring that the patient learns to eventually manage these after leaving treatment.

Lori regularly speaks to audiences on nutrition, eating disorder and athletes. Later this month she will be presenting, along with Jen Gapin, PhD, on the topic, “Refueling the Mind and Body of an Athlete with an Eating Disorder” at the annual ANAD Conference September 27th in Chicago.

Lori completed her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics and dietetic internship at St Louis University. Lori has been working in the field of eating disorders, sports nutrition and wellness since 2003. She began full-time with McCallum Place in April of 2012.