Washington University Student Group Hosts Eating Disorders Event “My Body, My Self” on 2/22

The Washington University student group Reflections seeks to promote positive body image and eating disorder education on its St. Louis campus. Reflections will kick off their eating disorders awareness week by hosting inspiring speaker, Caroline Rothstein, on February 22 from 6 to 7 p.m. This event is open to the public!

February 22nd: Caroline Rothstein “My Body, My Self” Ursa’s Fireside 6-7 PM 

“My Body, My Self” is a spoken word poetry show and experience with performer, writer, and eating disorder recovery advocate Caroline Rothstein. In a culture where our emotional self-confidence and physical self-esteem are too often challenged, “My Body, My Self” is an effort to support and encourage college students in overcoming these obstacles. Caroline’s poetry explores her personal experiences in a journey toward self-confidence and strength, and illustrates how the path towards body empowerment includes discovering and embracing our hobbies, intellectual curiosities, opinions about politics and current events, relationships, aspirations, and more. The “My Body, My Self” show includes pieces about body image, recovery, racial identity, gender and sexuality, privilege and class, and is part of a movement to help the current college-aged generation find confidence in their bodies, and passion for themselves.