NEDA Week Activity: Reflections Event at Washington University


  1. The Washington University Student Group, Reflections, seeks to promote positive body image and eating disorder education:
March 1st: Jess Weiner “Do I look fat in this?” Decoding the Language of Body- Seigle Hall Room 304 6-7PM
Jess Weiner is this generation’s go-to girl for self esteem. Jess Weiner will speak on on today’s pressure to be beautiful, and motivates audiences to develop self-confidence, self-knowledge, and self acceptance. She understands the issues facing young women today because she has lived through trauma and drama herself, spending her teenage years struggling with eating disorders and low self-esteem, before finally starting along the path to recovery in college. She has chronicled her own self discovery and ultimate recovery from her disorders in her first book, A Very Hungry Girl. She serves as the Global Ambassador for the Dove Self-Esteem Fund, and serves a frequent contributor to The Today Show, CNN Showbiz Tonight, and The Tyra Banks Show. She has been featured on The View, Oprah, and in The New York Times.