Mantras for Motivation

Contributed by Erin Connelly, SLU Dietetics Student at McCallum Place
Sometimes we just need an extra push to get us back on track to acheive our goals. Below are Mantras for Motivation that can give you the jumpstart you’ve been looking for!

1.       “Just believe” – Researchers have found participants who went into an activity believing they would do well were better able to cope with stress and performed better than those who did not.
2.       “Finish Line” – When you’re feeling a lack of motivation, think about the end result. Picturing the reward at the end can give you a greater desire to start.
3.       “I earned it” – Plan for little pick-me-ups (for example, a cup of coffee, reading, listening to a favorite song) to follow something that is difficult for you to get through.
4.       “I run my own show” – Remind yourself that YOU are in control of your life and determine your happiness and success.
5.       “Reality check” – Keep goals concrete and attainable. If you’re setting your sights high, try breaking it up and reflecting on the achievements you’ve made along the way.