Body Appreciation by Jen Kamer

Since I’ll be leading a Body Image group in the next 30 minutes for McCallum Place patients, I thought it would also be a worthwhile blog. When was the last time you checked inside and did a body appreciation survey? In preparing for group today, I realized that it’s been awhile for me and I wonder if taking time to appreciate our bodies doesn’t happen in the same way we (as a busy, achieving culture) tend to also not tune into ourselves, our bodies, our breath.

If we were to push back against this need to go, be, and do and ask ourselves the following questions, what might we discover? How might we better attune to and help center our bodies and our lives? …

What is the nicest thing you’ve done for your body lately?

List at least 5 aspects/functions/abilities of your body that you appreciate.

Imagine that your body image was greatly improved. How would you go about experiencing more body-related pleasure in your life?

List 4 psychological barriers to experiencing these body-related pleasures.

Name 2 steps you can take today to allow yourself to appreciate your body more.

Finally, consider your 5 senses. How might you enhance your experience of each?

Happy Body Appreciating! Until our next blog…