2015 NEDA Awareness Week

NEDA Awareness Week 2015 is Here!

McCallum Place Eating Disorder Centers will be observing the National Eating Disorder Association’s Awareness Week February 22-February 28, 2015.  NEDA’s week-long event encourages and promotes eating disorder education, events and outreach in local communities to help spread awareness about this mental health disease and the 24 million individuals diagnosed with eating disorders.1

McCallum Place Eating Disorder Centers is participating in many events throughout the week, both locally and nationally. Check out our schedule below. The theme for this year’s NEDA’s eating disorder week is “I Had No Idea”. The goal is to help spread awareness about the importance of recognizing signs and symptoms and helping those that are struggling with this disease.

2/22 NEDA Walk, Twin Cities, MN. Register Here!

2/23 Webster University Screening of “Someday Melissa” with Dr. Laura Bumberry on screening panel, St. Louis, MO.

2/24 Twitter Chat with Dr. Kimberli McCallum and Dr. Riley Nickols, Athletes and Eating Disorders. Sponsored by NEDA.

2/24 Stephen’s College Screening  of “Someday Melissa” and discussion session with Dr. Stephanie Bagby-Stone, Columbia, MO.

2/24 Eating Disorders and Treatment for Recovery Conference, Charleston, SC.

2/26-2/27 Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapists, Austin, TX. Register Here!

2/28 Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness Walk, Boca Raton, FL. Register Here!

2/28 Houston Eating Disorder Specialists Conference, Houston, TX. Register Here!

2/28 NEDA Walk, Athens, GA. Register Here!

For more information on McCallum Place Eating Disorder Centers, please visit our website, or call 800-828-8158 for a free and confidential pre-admission assessment.

For more information on NEDA’s Eating Disorder week, please visit  1