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Transitional Living for Eating Disorder Recovery

McCallum Place St. Louis offers a unique transitional living option for those struggling with eating disorders. We offer transitional apartments located within walking distance to our therapy suites and a transitional home. Transitional Living provides a safe and nurturing environment that helps ease patients back into independent living.

The transitional living residences accommodate adult patients with staff support seven days per week. Additional opportunities for independence include grocery shopping and challenge outings with experienced dietitians and staff who are also at the apartment and home many days a week for extra support and coaching.

Transition living options are available for just $200 per month. Please notify staff or admissions for reservations as availability may be limited.


"The House Associates were GREAT, helpful, supportive, and I enjoyed working with them."
– RM, age 20

Treating Eating Disorders: Anorexia  •   Bulimia  •   Binge Eating  •   Emotional Eating  •   Compulsive Exercising

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