Evidence-Based Comprehensive Psychological, Nutritional and Medical Care

Eating Disorder Treatment in Columbia, Missouri

Contact Us for a Free Confidential AssessmentMcCallum Place Columbia Missouri offers intensive, quality, evidence-based treatment, nutrition support and meal therapy.

In our Partial Hospitalization Program, we bundle on-site medical and psychiatric care with our intensive psychotherapies and nutritional care. PHP is designed for those who need more structure to gain weight, break through food rituals, or stop binge eating or purging behaviors.

The Intensive Outpatient Program level of care is for individuals needing a more structured program than outpatient therapy alone, but who do not require partial hospitalization

Our setting is designed to create an environment of structure and support for the fullest recovery.

What We Treat

Who We Treat

Specialized programs and groups to meet the needs across the lifespan from ages 11-60+

  • Males/Females
  • Adults
  • Pre-teens/Adolescents

Treating Eating Disorders: Anorexia  •   Bulimia  •   Binge Eating  •   Emotional Eating  •   Compulsive Exercising

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