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Coming Soon...Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Group!

McCallum Place is pleased to introduce a new outpatient program specifically for patients who have been diagnosed with Binge Eating Disorder.

Our treatment program is an evidence based, personalized outpatient program promoting whole body health and wellness at McCallum Place.

Treatment Philosophy

The program was designed to help individuals who have a chronic struggle with binge eating. We believe that health and happiness comes from creating and living a balanced lifestyle, not from a number or a size. Our primary goal is to work with you to build skills and habits that will promote both physical and mental well being.


The program incorporates cognitive, interpersonal and dialectic behavioral techniques, along with proven medical and dietary strategies to help you reach your goal of becoming the healthiest you possible. While enrolled in our 8-week program, consisting supported meals, exercise experiences, as well as therapy groups focused on problem solving and skill building.

Behavioral Support

Our Behavioral Support group is an 8-week didactic curriculum that focuses on learning important strategies to promote weight stabilization and balance in your life. Some of the core topics include harm reduction, energy balance, emotion regulation, body image and mindfulness. Our therapists will incorporate evidence-based bed treatment strategies, including interpersonal therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectic behavior therapy, and others. Groups will consist of weekly goal setting, learning and applying a new strategy for behavior change, and in some cases simple homework to consolidate learning and provide an opportunity for practicing new skills between groups.

Meal Support

Our core Meal Support Group is a 4-week experiential process lead by a registered dietitian where participants learn strategies for feeling full and satisfied by learning a balanced approach to portioning, pacing, meal planning and meal preparation. Two sessions will consist of participants bringing their own meal from home. Participants will also have the opportunity to participate in a meal outing to practice ordering and meal pacing in a restaurant setting. Finally, participants will engage in the process of meal planning from choosing a menu to go grocery shopping next door at the local Straub's Grocery Store. The group will then prepare a meal in one of our teaching kitchens before eating together as a group.

Exercise Support

In our core Exercise Support Group, we incorporate education on how to prepare for being active, like learning your personal fitness level and needs, understanding safety and even how to choose clothes that will allow you to move comfortably and safely. We will promote gentle movement and support for safe physical activity in a group setting that empowers you to feel confident and strong in your own body.

Additional Support Options

Individualized outpatient team-based consultation with our eating disorder experts is also available. Outpatient medical services at McCallum Place operate on a multidisciplinary enhanced consultation model. Patients are seen for 1-2 diagnostic visits and then for 2-4 additional visits for medical stabilization. Our consultation clinic is a teaching clinic with psychiatry and primary care resident doctors. Specialty services are with providers specialized in eating disorder treatment and extensive experience in treating BED. Services include child, adolescent and adult psychiatry, family practice and dietitian consultation.

Psychiatric diagnostic/consultation services (1-2 evaluation visits, up to 4 additional follow up visits).

Medical diagnostic/consultation services.

Dietitian consultation and meal planning services.

Indirect calorimetry: this is a test that measures your resting metabolic rate (RMR) or how many calories your body uses when you are at rest. 70-80% of our caloric expenditure is RMR. When trying to manage your weight knowing this number can help craft an individual meal and movement plan that meets your health goals. 

Group Therapy Meeting Times

Group Therapy sessions will take place Monday through Thursday, 5-6:30 pm at McCallum Place located in Webster Groves, Missouri.

  • Monday = Meal Support Group
  • Tuesday = Behavioral Support Group 
  • Wednesday = Meal Support Group (at McCallum Place, outing or grocery trip and cooking class)
  • Thursday = Movement Support Group (gentle movement or fitness)

Please contact us today for additional information on how we may better assist you in achieving a healthier you!

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