Articles by Kelly Kelley, LCSW

Director of Business Development

Kelly earned her Bachelor of Social Work degree from Southeast Missouri State University and a Masters of Social Worker from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has worked in a wide range of clinical fields including acute psych, outpatient mental health, school counseling, medical social work, and residential treatment. Prior to moving into business development, Kelly’s clinical focus was the treatment of adolescents with depression, anxiety, and trauma.

The Therapist is IN (Office)

With many of us returning to school, work, sports, and face-to-face sessions, it might be the first time in many months (OK, maybe even a year plus some months) that providers, teachers, coaches, and colleagues are seeing folks head to toe, in the flesh. Providing support at this time last year looked very different, so it makes sense that some are trying to remember how … Read More

Eating Disorders Beyond Young Adulthood

A common misconception throughout the non-clinical world is that eating disorders are a youthful diagnosis. There is a misbelief that eating disorders only effect naïve and impressionable teens and emerging adults who are easily persuaded by peer pressure and social media, intensified by unformed self-esteem and overwhelming feelings, emotions, and hormones. For those of us … Read More