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24 Hour Residential Eating Disorder Treatment

Our 24 hour Residential Treatment Facilities

Our residential facilities are very much a home and located in the suburbs of St. Louis, just a short walk from the community's downtown amenities, including the farmer's market, unique shops and entertainment. This healthy atmosphere offers comfort, privacy and freedom not possible in traditional hospital settings. Patients are supervised with medical monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Residential care may serve as an alternative to hospitalization for some patients who are medically comprised as a result of dangerously low body weight or frequent purging.  Extra support is given to those who are beginning the refeeding process, who purge frequently and exercise compulsively.  Personalized care is achieved by our low patient to staff ratio of 4:1 from 7am to 11:30pm.

 For Women – Our 24 hour Residential Facility

Adult women reside in a warm, inviting and enchanting treatment facility in an upscale suburb of St. Louis on a secluded 18-acre retreat. To allow for exceptional care of each patient, this facility offers a small community.

Co-ed Adult   – Our 24 hour Residential Facility

Adult men and women reside in our rustic and quaint treatment facility with modern amenities in a vibrant suburb of St. Louis.  Men and women have private bedrooms on separate levels.

For Adolescents –Our 24 hour Residential Facility

Adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 not only have their own track of programming and supported meals, but they also have their own residence. The adolescents reside in our large facility with modern amenities in a charming suburb of St. Louis.


Highlights of our 24 hour Residential Programs include:

  • Weekly individual sessions with a child, adolescent and adult board certified psychiatrist
  • Minimum of three individual sessions with an eating disorder therapist or psychologist
  • Minimum of one session per week with a registered dietitian
  • Minimum of one weekly exam with a board certified primary care physician
  • Weekly treatment team meeting on your behalf (including psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist and dietician)
  • Daily medical monitoring with registered nurses
  • Individualized program schedule of groups
  • Supported meals and snacks
  • Patient to staff ratio of 4:1

As patients become more confident and comfortable with eating, they are able to progress through our phase system and practice increasing levels of independence with our two partial hospital programs, two intensive outpatient programs and transitional living.




Treating Eating Disorders: Anorexia  •   Bulimia  •   Binge Eating  •   Emotional Eating  •   Compulsive Exercising

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